Alas de Agua Art Collective began as the New Mexico Mural Project, whose core belief was that murals and public art are the people’s art, and whose aim was to bring critical dialogue and healing to our community. We worked with local youth in promoting mural arts to tell diverse histories and herstories while actively educating youth and adults in creating beautiful, community-driven art practices. Since the Mural Project evolved and expanded into Alas de Agua Art Collective in 2017, murals have continued to anchor our work. Ultimately for us, these mural walls provide relentless hope, not only through the visionary landscape provided by the content on the wall but also from the engagement across neighborhoods, across social-economic divides. Mural walls have been an intersectional space of healing for this collective and for our community. 

We have stewarded the community in creating over a dozen murals in spaces across Santa Fe including Casa Familia, the International Folk Art Museum, Santa Fe High School, Warehouse 21, the youth detention center, Esperanza Shelter, and various streets across the city such as Agua Fria, Siler, 599, and Declovina.

Here are some images from a few of our past mural projects:

mural 2mjral


mural 10