For upcoming and past art shows at Alas de Agua featuring artists from across the community, please check out our Facebook events page here.


Israel F. Haros Lopez
Contact for Art and Poetry Workshop Facilitation, Mural and Mural Design, Poetry Performance, Graphic Design
     (505) 470 3747

John Paul Granillo
Chicano Painter, Muralist, Sculptor, Writer
     (505) 231 0949

Yvonne Sandoval
Chicana Painter, Life Coach, Farmer
     (575) 421 0242

Alex Jacobs
Poet, Spoken Word Performer, Historian/Researcher, Freelance Writer for Indian Country Today, Teacher, Workshops for Poetry and Art, Mostly Fabric & Paper Collage
     (315) 296-8939

Darryl Lorenzo Wellington
Writer/Poet/Essayist/ Performance Artist/ comedian. Writing Fellow at Center for Community Change. Contact for poetry workshops/performances/lectures

Jessica Ortiz
Muralist, Modern Santera/folk artist
     (505) 395 6490

Devin James Baldwin
Poet, Writer, Educator, Youth Advocate

Isabel Ribe
Contact for Bilingual Art Therapy, Poetry Performance, Books, Paintings

Juan Lira
Painter, Illustrator, Street Artist,Muralist
     Instagram: Phychedelic_renaissance
     Facebook: Juan Lira
     (505) 204 3316

Samia van Hattum
Ceramic and mixed media artist
     Instagram: @studiosamia
     (505) 699 8707

Fatima van Hattum
Poet, Academic, Research, Comic Artist
     Instagram: @thatnerdyhijabi

Jacks McNamara
Queer painter, poet, educator, healer
     (510) 282 4553